Wednesday, May 26, 2010


First of all Adsense is an online application by Google Company (Inc.). Adsense is very helpful and easy. you can get earn money by letting or enabling Google's company to put Ads (advertisement) to your website. So it's simply this, for example: A computer company wants advertisement, so they ask Google to advertise his or her company. Everything comes in a price so the computer company pays Google, and Google pays you because you for help them advertise. This system works by the clicking of the advertisement or impression basis. (YOU MUST AGREE NOT TO CLICK ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE'S ADVERTISEMENT). If so it will result in ban of your adsense account.
How to make a Blogger Website
1. A Blogger is a website created by Google to help you share and connect. This is a completely free website and requires 2 minutes of your time to make an account.
2. Let's move on! First go to
3. Now click on create a blog . Then just fill out the information, it's really easy.
4. It will say that you should name your blog. Name it something interesting that catches a person's eyes.
5. After you are done with that, make a post so you can add it to your blog.
Making Some Cash!
1. After you have created a blogger website you will see on your dashboard after you log in your Blogger website.
2. Click on it and you will have to insert some personal information. you need to provide this to get your money that you earned. After you have done that you need to wait 1-48 hours for your blog to get accepted. Before all this it will tell you where you want to insert the Ads
That's pretty much it. You should get the hang of it in 1-3 days. So good luck, and please don't break any Google laws.
For more info on Google paste this on your address bar:
For Adsense policy paste this :

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